2018 Hyundai Veloster Review and Release Date

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2018 Hyundai Veloster Review, Release and Redesign – Welcome to the latestcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Hyundai Veloster. The car that is environmentally friendly and comfortable to drive, this may be a suitable nickname for the 2018 Hyundai Veloster. This car is one of the brand new cars from Hyundai, which was released in 2017. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the latest 2018 Hyundai Veloster.

2018 Hyundai Veloster Design

The Veloster is a very interesting-looking car. It is the only four-door hatchback on the market. Even though this doesn’t sound strange, it has two doors on the passenger’s side and just one door on the driver’s side with the tailgate being the fourth door. Hyundai offered this type of design in order to make the car safer for the rear passengers. Even though it didn’t have much power and it wasn’t all that great to drive, Hyundai sold quite a few of them over the years.

The 2018 Veloster looks even more impressive than the current model, and if you’re a current owner or a prospective owner, there is a lot to consider. With improvements expected including a more headroom, better visibility, and more standard features over the current year’s model, there’s no wonder consumers already can’t wait.

Because of that it really isn’t a surprise that they are going to overhaul it. Test mules for the upcoming 2018 Hyundai Veloster have been seen ever since last year while the first prototype was seen in early 2017. The car is still going to be a front wheel drive car, and it will still be a hatchback.

2018 Hyundai Veloster Price

The estimated price for the latest car 2018 Hyundai Veloster range between $18,299 to $28,049 based on the current dollar exchange rate. If there are changes in prices for car 2018 Hyundai Veloster we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep following the blog latestcarsuv.com.

2018 Hyundai Veloster Price

2018 Hyundai Veloster Specs

Everyone very much hope at the 2018 Hyundai Veloster release is better than the previous version. So we’ll review the interior, exterior and some other features of the new car in 2018 Hyundai Veloster. Hopefully review the specifications of this car, can help you in choosing your dream car.

So far the camouflaged prototype for the 2018 Hyundai Veloster didn’t reveal all that much information about the car. It seems that it is more aggressive than its predecessor. The front end seems to boast a massive grille, similar to that on the i30, and recessed headlights swept towards the back. The hood seems to have heat extractors, and the overall shape seems to be quite similar to that of the RM16 N concept. The car also seems wider and lower than the ongoing model. Some suggested that the rear of the prototype wasn’t done, especially since it had a very similar layout to that of the i30. We do expect it to be similar to the previously mentioned car, especially since the two will share more than just a few design cues. One of the largest changes is going to be the removal of the rear door. This has become clear a while ago, and it seems Hyundai will offer the Veloster as a three-door regular hatchback.

The 2018 Hyundai Veloster specs and features will certainly show many improvements over the 2017 model while maintaining what’s made the concept so popular. Coming with the same design and unique styling will once again debut in the three door hatchback with a passenger rear side door. The turbocharged model will give those looking for a bit more excitement behind the wheel and the Rally Edition will once again focus on performance and handling.

However, there are going to be some key differences between it and the current generation. For starters, the car is going to use a new platform. In fact, it is expected to share its chassis with the new i30 which is based on their J5 chassis. This offers a more complex suspension setup, and it also offers better rigidity than-than the older chassis which was shared with the i20. The change of platform is also quite clear from the spy shots. The test mule had the same body as the regular Veloster. However, the front end was chopped and elongated while the rear wheels didn’t really fit. The change is likely between 20 to 70mm which is more than enough to give it better high-speed stability. The price is still unknown, but we do expect it to increase, especially since most suggest the car will replace the Genesis Coupe.

The new Veloster will also have plenty of safety features standard and optional including a Traction Control System, at least six airbags, ABS system, Brake Assist, Electronic Stability Control, Traction Control System, and plenty of sensors to keep you safe in any condition.

2018 Hyundai Veloster Release

2018 Hyundai Veloster Engine

The base 2018 Hyundai Veloster is more than likely going to feature a 1.6-liter turbo four. This currently makes 201 horsepower so it might receive a small bump. With the help of front wheel drive, a six-speed manual, and a limited slip differential, it should be more than capable of getting to 60 MPH in around 7 seconds.

The base 2018 Hyundai Veloster is more than likely going to feature a 1.6-liter turbo four. This currently makes 201 horsepower so it might receive a small bump. With the help of front wheel drive, a six-speed manual, and a limited slip differential, it should be more than capable of getting to 60 MPH in around 7 seconds. Higher up the range, the Veloster should also offer a new generation 2 liter turbo four. Hyundai is currently developing this engine for their higher end applications, and it seems it will deliver anything between 250 and 300 horsepower. If they decide to go with the more powerful version, then the Veloster will become one of the most powerful hatchbacks around. We do hope Hyundai will stick with the front wheel drive design as well as with the standard six-speed automatic. A dual-clutch gearbox is likely going to be offered as an option across the range.

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Review Pictures Specifications of 2018 Hyundai Veloster :

2018 Hyundai Veloster Review

2018 Hyundai Veloster


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