2018 Bentley Continental GT Review, Release and Redesign

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2018 Bentley Continental GT Review, Release and Redesign – Welcome to the latestcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Bentley Continental GT. The car that is environmentally friendly and comfortable to drive, this may be a suitable nickname for the 2018 Bentley Continental GT. This car is one of the brand new cars from Bentley, which was released in 2018. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the latest 2018 Bentley Continental GT.

2018 Bentley Continental GT Release

Recently, our spy photographers captured the 2018 Bentley Continental GT doing its testing runs. First, it was the coupe and now they captured its convertible sister but wearing heavy camouflage of course. Both models will be showcased next year as 2018 models. The new model’s exterior draws its inspiration from the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept the automaker revealed in 2015 during the Geneva Auto show.

The car under the plate name 2018 Bentley Continental GT is spotted by some photographers. There are a lot of fascinating things that are equipped in the new Continental GT that is claimed to be a 2018 model. The whole design of this car is actually inspired by EXP 10 Speed 6 that is launched in 2015. The new look of the Continental GT tends to be sleeker and efficient compared to the current design. The spy shots reveals that the car has 2+2 seat arrangement which is different from the concept of EXP 10 that is a sport two seated car. Here are some details that can be gathered related to the new Bentley Continental GT.

The 2018 Bentley Continental GT has been finally announced. This is a model that has been greatly anticipated and wished for by many fans and people who would like to see something more from this brand. The fact is that this is a model that has been released in 2003 and was a huge hit for Bentley and Volkswagen AG. But the problems started occurring afterwards when the popularity of the car started going down gradually and it was mainly because the car has remained mostly the same and has not been updated at all.

What’s immediately clear is that Bentley’s EXP 10 Speed 6 concept from 2015 was the inspiration for the design. The redesigned Continental GT is adopting a sleeker, more dynamic look than the current model and should prove to be a stunner. A peek inside also reveals some new details like the digital instrument cluster.

2018 Bentley Continental GT Price

The estimated price for the latest car 2018 Bentley Continental GT range between $190,000 – $200,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate. If there are changes in prices for car 2018 Bentley Continental GT we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep following the blog latestcarsuv.com.

2018 Bentley Continental GT Review

2018 Bentley Continental GT Specs

Everyone very much hope at the 2018 Bentley Continental GT release is better than the previous version. So we’ll review the interior, exterior and some other features of the new car in 2018 Bentley Continental GT. Hopefully review the specifications of this car, can help you in choosing your dream car.

The model is based on a new platform dubbed, the MSB platform. This platform is a joint venture between Bentley and Porsche and as such will be used in a stretched form in the upcoming Porsche Panamera. In fact, test mules of the Continental GT were disguised in the current short-version Panamera body shell. The automaker revealed that the structure will be built with high-strength steel while the body panels will largely be made from aluminum. As such, the new model will be significantly lighter than the outgoing one.

The latest sighting comes from Llangollen, north west Wales, where eagle-eyed Autocar reader Timothy Pottle spotted a coupé in a café car park. Although it’s wearing camouflage, its new front-end styling appears to draw from the EXP 10 Speed 6 concept first seen at the 2015 Geneva motor show including a lower front and rear than the current car, as well as shorter overhangs and a shorter wheelbase.

As said above, the visual of the 2018 Bentley Continental GT is inspired by the EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept. Some of the features adopted form the EXP 10 Concept includes its headlights which feature floating-like LEDs. Though this design of lighting has been a common feature for the Bentayga, the design on this Continental GT is the best yet.

The whole concept look of 2018 Bentley Continental GT will be quite similar with EXP 10 Speed 6 concept. Some of the features that are adapted from EXP 10 are such as headlights featured with floating LEDs. The lighting design is one of the best designs of lighting among all in its class. An oval shaped taillights and new exhaust design will be equipped. Overall appearance of the new Continental GT looks promising and interesting with wider size than its current model.

2018 Bentley Continental GT

2018 Bentley Continental GT Engine

Bentley has not revealed engines that will power the new Bentley Continental GT. However, the models will likely use the current V-8 and W-12 engines. Perhaps the automaker will tweak the engine for more power output.  The 4.0 L, twin-turbocharged V-8 mill will be tweaked to produce around 550 hp.

The 6.0 L, W-12 on the other hand is expected to be tweaked to produce around 635 hp up from the current 582 horses. There are rumors of a hybrid drive-train for the 2018 model but Bentley is yet to confirm or deny the rumors.

Below the range-topping 6.0-litre W12, which produces 18bhp more than the outgoing W12, an updated version of the current car’s 4.0-litre petrol V8 will be offered, also likely growing power output beyond the 521bhp of the S model.

Bentley’s redesigned Continental GT should once again offer both W-12 and V-8 engine options. While it’s unlikely we’ll see a diesel engine fitted to the car, a plug-in hybrid option has been confirmed. The W-12 should be the only option at launch. It will be the new twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W-12 with direct fuel injection that made its debut in the 2017 Bentley Bentayga. Factor on an output of at least 600 horsepower, up from the 582 hp found in the latest 2017 model.

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Review Pictures Specifications of 2018 Bentley Continental GT :

2018 Bentley Continental GT Concept

2018 Bentley Continental GT Interior

2018 Bentley Continental GT Price

2018 Bentley Continental GT Redesign


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