2018 Acura RDX Release Date, Price and Specs

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2018 Acura RDX Release Date, Price, Specs – Welcome to the latestcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Acura RDX. The car that is environmentally friendly and comfortable to drive, this may be a suitable nickname for the 2018 Acura RDX. This car is one of the brand new cars from Acura, which was released in 2017. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the latest 2018 Acura RDX.

2018 Acura RDX Redesign

2018 Acura RDX come from various sources, (autoguide.com, prnewswire.com, and Acura official website) and they gave us official pricing for this model. Additionally, this vehicle will be powered by a 3.5-lite i-VTEC V-6 engine. This unit comes with 279 horsepower and 225 lb-ft of torque. The FWD variant comes with fuel economy numbers standing at 20mpg in a city, and 28mpg on a highway. These two combined give the 23mpg rating. At the same time, all-wheel-drive version gives 19mpg city rating and 27mpg on a freeway. Combined they offer a 22mpg rate. AWD comes as an optional feature on all models. You only need to pay additional $1,500 to have it on you RDX.

The RDX remains a great seller for Acura and the redesign in 2016 has helped retain its popularity. There are plenty of 2017s to handle demand. The 2018 RDX is in transit to dealerships now and has no major changes. For those tiring of the RDX’s looks, we expect a redesigned model to hit showrooms next year as a 2019 model.

2018 Acura RDX is expected to be packed with enough safety features and amenities. All models get features like rearview camera, cruise control, automatic LED headlights, privacy glass, sunroof, keyless ignition, automatic climate control, leatherette upholstery, auto-dimming mirror, leather-wrapped steering wheel. There are a sound system and Bluetooth along with satellite radio.

The current RDX can no longer compete due to its rather old design. This is about to change though, especially now when the all new CR-V has been released. The RDX uses the same chassis as the older CRV and it seems that the upcoming 2018 Acura RDX will follow in its footsteps. The new car will be based on Honda’s modular platform which should allow Acura to drop more than 200 pounds from it. With the lost weight the car is also expected to become more rigid and more comfortable as well.

2018 Acura RDX Release Date

2018 Acura RDX Price

The estimated price for the latest car 2018 Acura RDX range between $35,500 – $46,000 based on the current dollar exchange rate. If there are changes in prices for car 2018 Acura RDX we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep following the blog latestcarsuv.com.

2018 Acura RDX Rumors

As of now, this model is speculated to be available in 3.5-liter V6 engine, but it seems that it will not be the only version for buyers. From now itself there has been much anticipation in the automobile industry regarding its specs. Let’s see what sort of offerings buyers can get from the makers.

For Acura RDX 2018, makers are expected to go for a hybrid powertrain, just what they did with NSX. So, they might use small 2.0-liter engine along with a set of 2 or 3 electric motors. Rumours say that it will generate a power of up to 350 hp.

While the 2017 RDX shipped with a 3.5-liter V6 unit industry buzz is the 2018 model may be clubbed with a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, also used in Honda Accord. The engine may be mated with a dual-clutch eight-speed gearbox. Later a hybrid version may also be launched though the company is tight-lipped about it.

2018 Acura RDX Specs

2018 Acura RDX Specs

Everyone very much hope at the 2018 Acura RDX release is better than the previous version. So we’ll review the interior, exterior and some other features of the new car in 2018 Acura RDX. Hopefully review the specifications of this car, can help you in choosing your dream car.

The 2018 Acura RDX will get a front-wheel drive. However, the most important improvement is the lower level of NVH. The NVH stands for noise, vibration, and harshness and is one of the most important features of the vehicle, although it is often neglected. This will significantly increase convenience inside the cabin and is a big plus for the new model. There are even rumors telling it can come as a seven-seat crossover, but Honda hasn’t confirmed these allegations. It will be interesting to see what of these rumors will come true thus stay tuned with us. We will update this article as soon as we get new information.

The current car uses a rather old design with Honda’s dual-LCD screens infotainment system. This is not that easy to use and it is slow. The upcoming 2018 Acura RDX will definitely get to use their all new single-screen infotainment unit which is faster and a lot better in terms of usability. The analogue instrument cluster will likely be gone and replaced with a fully customizable color LCD screen. The driving position might also be improved and the car’s lower center of gravity should provide a much more controllable ride.

If we take a look at Acura’s latest models, then it becomes clear how the RDX will look. The car will more than likely share the elongated wheelbase of the new CR-V as well as the wider and taller body. In the front, it is expected to share its fascia with the newly released CDX with the highly impressive grille, LED headlights and large air intake in the bumper. The rear of the car will likely be based on the outgoing model, but with a touch, more sportiness added into the mix. Inside the cabin, the awful dual-screen infotainment system will be gone and replaced by a much-improved unit. Some also suggested that the car could receive a digital instrument panel. Things like adaptive cruise control, frontal collision avoidance and lane assistant are expected to be standard.

2018 Acura RDX Review

2018 Acura RDX Engine

The 3.5 liter V6 is more than likely going to be gone. In its place, the 2018 Acura RDX update is expected to receive Honda’s new 2-liter turbo-four powertrain. This is known to make in excess of 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, so it shouldn’t have a problem replacing the 280 horsepower V6. On top of that, the 2-liter engine would provide more low-end torque, so it would help the RDX feel like a true luxury crossover. The transmission of choice will likely be Honda’s new ten-speed automatic coupled to either the front or all four wheels.

The base car might receive a 2 liter turbocharged inline 4 which could offer in excess of 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Honda doesn’t really have a more powerful turbocharged engine at this point but they may offer a newly developed V6 with as much as 350 to 400 horsepower. This would allow them to compete with the Macan and all the other high performance European crossovers.

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