2018 Acura MDX Release Date, Specs and Price

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2018 Acura MDX Release Date, Specs and Price – Welcome to the latestcarsuv.com, we will provide the latest information about the Acura MDX. The car that is environmentally friendly and comfortable to drive, this may be a suitable nickname for the 2018 Acura MDX. This car is one of the brand new cars from Acura, which was released in 2017. We will also review about the price, interior, exterior and engine of the latest 2018 Acura MDX.

2018 Acura MDX Specs

The MDX is the more luxurious, and better to drive, version of the Pilot. While it costs more, it is also much better equipped and arguably better looking as well. Even though it has only been released for the 2014 model year, the car already received a major update this year, and it seems it might get a small refresh with the 2018 Acura MDX as well.

Acura has to start making interesting cars with a lot of character. They cannot be a Subaru of premium. It cannot work. The latest NSX should be it, but it did receive a bit hate from the Internet haters. Nevertheless, save some other time for the NSX, or anything emotional for that matter. Now, dwell into the world of the family SUV, family crossover, or whatever you want to call it – the 2018 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid. It is out, it is efficient, with a better fuel economy and idle-stop capability. In short, the latest 2018 MDX crossover is one of the most efficient vehicles in the segment. EPA-rated fuel economy at 26 city, 27 highway, and 27 combined. In Acura language that goes like this – “45 percent higher EPA city fuel economy rating as compared to the conventionally-powered MDX SH-AWD”. Great!

Many thought that the upcoming 2018 model would be an entirely new version. However, this is simply not true. Instead, we expect the car to receive slight changes to its equipment levels and possibly to its powertrain.

2018 Acura MDX Release

2018 Acura MDX Price

The estimated price for the latest car 2018 Acura MDX range between $53,690 to $65,790 based on the current dollar exchange rate. If there are changes in prices for car 2018 Acura MDX we will notify you as soon as possible, so keep following the blog latestcarsuv.com.

2018 Acura MDX Specs

Everyone very much hope at the 2018 Acura MDX release is better than the previous version. So we’ll review the interior, exterior and some other features of the new car in 2018 Acura MDX. Hopefully review the specifications of this car, can help you in choosing your dream car.

The 2018 model will likely continue to use the push-button gear selector. This has been criticized on numerous occasions as being too clunky. We do hope that in the future Acura will change it, but for now, it will likely stay. We should see improvements in the base model as well. This is expected to come with either seven or six seats for no extra charge. The six-seat version should offer six individual bucket seats that will offer superior comfort and space to those offered by the regular bench seat usually found on the second row.

The future 2018 Acura MDX will definitely look pretty much identical to the 2017 model. We expect the two to share the same diamond-pentagonal grille which has been seen on Acura’s other models. On top of that, the new fully LED lit headlights will be offered as standard across the range. The base model of the MDX will sit on 18-inch rims wrapped in all season tires. Options will include three or four different models of 20-inch rims wrapped in high-performance summer tires. The 2018 model should also receive the revised exhaust system of the 2017 model, and it will likely receive additional color options as well.

The upcoming 2018 model will share its chassis with the Pilot. However, the Acura also gets a better running gear which makes use of better shocks and springs. It also gets better brakes than its sibling as well as larger standard wheels. All of these allow the current MDX, and likely the upcoming 2018 model, to be better to drive without losing in its comfort department. One of the only drawbacks we see with the car is the price. Acura currently states that the 2017 version can be had to start from $44,000 which is not exactly cheap. However, the car is well equipped, and it might be worth it for those wanting the luxury offered by it.

2018 Acura MDX Review

2018 Acura MDX Engine

The upcoming 2018 Acura MDX might receive a small update to its powertrain. Why? Well, Acura did release with the 2017 version a new hybrid engine which will definitely be available when the 2018 model launches. This offers a new 3 liter naturally aspirated direct injected V6 mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. On top of that, three electric motors allow it to offer 325 horsepower and quite a bit more torque than the regular V6. One of these has been installed in the gearbox while the other two on the rear axle. This means that the hybrid will get 25 MPG in the city and 26 MPG on the highway which is marginally better than the base engine. The big change is expected to come with the base 3.5 liter V6. While the current engine is quite capable, some rumors suggested for an improved version of it. This could provide slightly more low-end torque, and it may boast better fuel efficiency as well. Like before, the nine-speed automatic should still be offered as standard.

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2018 Acura MDX Changes

2018 Acura MDX Features

2018 Acura MDX Interior

2018 Acura MDX Price


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